I am contacting you via this very unconventional way. I chose it anyway, because I am convinced that this concept will be an asset for you and your company in Germany.

The shortage of skilled workers is a central challenge in personnel management. Since employees in larger companies are more willing to change jobs and employers, it is even more important to retain them. Companies are challenged to position themselves on the labor market as desired employers.

What do additional benefits for employers achieve? Additional benefits increase loyalty to the company. Employer-financed insurances are among the top 3 additional benefits that strengthen loyalty to the employer Traditional incentives such as company cars or cell phones are in the backseat. The health-promoting effect of a company health insurance also has a positive influence on productivity in the company.

Company health insurance can help reduce disability-related absenteeism costs:

Six reasons why you should offer supplementary company health insurance (bKV) in your company:

  1. you increase the attractiveness of your company and distinguish yourself positively from your competitors.
  2. your employees experience the bKV as real added value - the waiver of a health check and standard contributions per employee and month are possible. Pre-existing illnesses and current treatments are deemed to be co-insured in this case.
  3. employee retention increases significantly, and you gain advantages when recruiting new Employees.
  4. family members of employees can take out self-funded co-insurance on request.
  5. contributions are fully deductible as company expenses, tax- and social contribution free wages in kind with employer financing up to 44 Euro per month.
  6. the administrative effort for you as an employer is low, the processing of benefits is exclusively between your employee and us.

How interesting is that for you?

The next time you Elon or your team are in Berlin, I would be very happy to meet you for 30 minutes and convince you personally of the concept.

Thanks in advance!
With kind regards.

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